You have found the official website for Kevin Kindle, author of the popular Aliens and Cowboys series. This site will contain information about my various works, resources related to them as well as miscellaneous rants and ravings of a lunatic… err author.

Support My Writing Habit

Many creators have Patreon pages these days, it’s an awesome concept and one of the main reasons I decided to actually publish what I write.

With tiers as low as $1 per chapter it’s very affordable and helps to offset the ongoing costs of domain names, hosting and other writing/publishing related expenses.

What can you expect by supporting me?

Currently patrons get early access to chapters of my stories, plus patrons are welcome to participate in a community that contributes to story plot lines, characters, scenes, etc. They also get free copies of the ebooks I publish.

Can’t spare $1, but still want to show your support?

There are some ways to read the story for FREE as I publish my stories on several websites. They aren’t as user-friendly as an eBook is and they don’t have all the latest updates, but they are free.

All I ask is… if you do use one of the free services, please leave a review and/or vote for the story. Every review and/or vote helps gain the attention of future readers and potential patrons!

Writing Resources

I was talking with another new author recently and we got on to the topic of what we use in writing our books. So here's a breakdown of my writing resources, for anyone curious about the process. My most important writing resources are my imagination... after all, it...

Aliens & Cowboys @ Bookapy

Since World Literature Publishing Company has been such a huge part of the popularity growth of the Aliens & Cowboys series, I decided to use their publishing arm as the first step to getting the books into the hands of the public. The books are now for sale and...

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