Turtle Island

Since Aliens and Cowboys is finally coming to an end (I think?) I’ve just been struggling with writing the ending. I know what I want the ending to do, I’m just having troubles putting it into the proper words.

I do still have my block distraction project, which is The Runes of Elsewhere, but even that series is at a bit of a crossroad in my mind. So I’ve been brainstorming about new story ideas.

I’ve already got a Christmas story planned for next NaNoWriMo, so I’m thinking the logical choice would be to actually write Turtle Island… the first decent story I ever wrote. Unfortunately it was back when there wasn’t computers, so it’s lost forever.

Since I still know the premise behind the story, I’ve been doing some plot development and I think it would make for a nice stand-alone story and I can easily turn it into a sort of origin story for the Aliens and Cowboys series as it’ll take place about 20 years prior to the events in The Cowboy and the Aliens.

I won’t even start to write this until Aliens and Cowboys is finished, then it will become my block distraction project for The Runes of Elsewhere.

Runes of Elsewhere

Every writer gets writer’s block from time to time, so my solution to getting around writer’s block is to keep writing, but switch projects.

As a treat for all my patrons, I’ve released the first 5 chapters of the next series I’ll be working on, it’s obviously far from finished and I haven’t run this through any editors yet, so this is truly a vomit copy.

No one has seen this yet, so I’m looking for some feedback. Please let me know what you think!

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