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Witches & Werewolves
The Cowboy and the Aliens
The King of Atlantis
The Atlantean Federation

Above are the stories that I’ve written or am writing. All are in the science-fiction, speculative fiction or fantasy genres and all include elements of erotica.

Although erotica and sex is not the primary focus, there is quite a bit of it… thus, the stories are intended for mature audiences and will not be posted here. You can get early access to all my scrivenings by subscribing to my Patreon page for less than a cup of coffee! innocent

Below are yet to be written story ideas, that may someday see the light of day. As they develop they will eventually get their own book cover and sub-section.

Turtle Island

I’ve decided to write a sort of origin story to the Aliens and Cowboys series. This story will take place about 20 years prior to The Cowboy and the Aliens.

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