Aliens & Cowboys

In the near future, we make first contact with aliens. Not because they arrive in spaceships, but because they’ve been here for years—we just didn’t know it.

Mark Phoenix, an old cowboy looking to retire out in the country after losing his business and his marriage, discovers the aliens while working on his friend’s ranch in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Central Alberta.

Fate, however, has other plans for Mark—plans put in motion more than a century earlier—his retirement is not part of the plan!

The aliens, a group of female trade representatives who had crashed on their way to the home world of the Federation, use some alien technology from the crashed ship to restore his youth and virility.

This inadvertently starts a chain reaction as government agencies take an interest in the aliens and those they’ve been in contact with—as does the Federation!

Join Mark and his harem of sexy aliens as they embark on an epic adventure that alters everything we thought we knew about life in the universe—Earth will never be the same.

Not exactly a spaghetti western, but there is spaghetti!

Where to Buy

Books 1 & 2 can be purchased through the following vendors.

Where to Read

You can read the story for FREE at the following sites, although it IS NOT the final refined/edited version that is in the books, plus the navigation between chapters isn’t always the greatest. If you do use these sites… PLEASE leave a review!

News & Updates

Aliens & Cowboys @ Bookapy

Since World Literature Publishing Company has been such a huge part of the popularity growth of the Aliens & Cowboys series, I decided to use their publishing arm as the first step to getting the books into the hands of the public. The books are now for sale and...

1 Year Update

Well it's actually been more than a year, but it's close enough, as I realized I hadn't posted anything since my 6 month update. Plus the first chapter of Book 3 (The Atlantean Federation) has just recently hit the sites. I've been busy writing and editing. The first...

6 Month Update

It's been six months since I started publishing my story Cowboys and Aliens to various websites, all of Book One (The Cowboy and the Aliens) has been published to the sites and I'm now working on getting it actually published to Amazon and other book stores. I'm also...

One week later!

Well the first 4 chapters of my story have been on StoriesOnLine for a week now and I'm totally stoked now! Over 10,000 downloads so far! Over 300 people have added my story to their library so they'll know as soon as I add new chapters and Cowboys and Aliens is...

Scared Shitless

Well yesterday I decided to actually start publishing some of my story to I can honestly say that last night I didn't sleep very well, I was so nervous for taking an idea that I started back in grade 9 or 10 (some 30+ years ago) and actually...

You’re doing what now?

Since I'm not doing IT anymore, I started looking for another hobby. I like to keep my mind busy. I've been an avid reader of stories and books of years. So I've decided to try my hand at writing. My first story is called Aliens and Cowboys, so as not to be confused...