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Many creators have Patreon pages these days, it’s an awesome concept and one of the main reasons I decided to actually publish what I write.

I’m not expecting to make a ton of money at it, but with tiers as low as $1 per chapter just getting a few dollars to recoup some of the time I spend writing, rewriting, editing and eventually publishing encourages me and keeps me going. Plus it helps offset the ongoing costs of domain names and website hosting!

What can you expect by supporting me?

Currently patrons get early access to chapters of my stories, but eventually I plan to have artwork, maps and other material that will have relevance to the story and characters.

PLUS patrons are welcome to participate in a community that contributes to story plot lines, characters, scenes, etc.

Support Me on Patreon

Can’t spare $1, but still want to help support me and read my stories for FREE?

However, if you don’t feel like sending a couple of dollars my way, there are some ways to read the story for FREE! They aren’t as user-friendly as the eBook method and they don’t have all the latest updates, but they are free. All I ask is… if you do use one of the free services, please leave a review and/or vote for the story. Every review and/or vote helps gain the attention of future readers and potential patrons!

The best way to read the stories for FREE, is via Wattpad! They have a nice website and they even have a handy app for smartphones and tablets, so it’s just like reading the eBook. 
Please vote for the story here, as popular stories do have the opportunity to make money!

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