Here is a list of the stories I’ve written or am writing. Unfortunately, because most of my stories are intended for mature audiences I will not be posting the stories here.

The story pages themselves will have links to the various sites you can read the original unedited versions, or you can buy the edited/refined books, which offer a much better reading experience.

This area will also contain other resources and any other supporting materials for the stories.

Aliens and Cowboys

Mark Phoenix, an old cowboy, looks to retire out in the country after losing his business and his marriage. Little does he realize, his easy life of helping his friends with their ranch is not the hand fate has dealt him! He meets some aliens that had crashed to Earth 10 years prior and have been living on the partially working ship up in the mountains.

After they restore his youth, he and the sexy aliens gain some unwanted attention, secret agents show up, people get abducted and then more aliens show up!

The new aliens determine Mark is a direct descendant of Atlas, the original King of Atlantis and the next thing you know, he is declared the rightful King to billions of citizens across the galaxy… of course, the presiding Prince has a thing or two to say about that!

Join Mark and his friends on an epic adventure across the stars as they learn the ropes of ruling as well as what really happened to Atlantis and perhaps, the origins of life in the universe itself.

Stories being created can be found in my blog, although more details, samples and ideas can be found in my Patreon page.

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